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"We used to always know where everyone was—now we have only the vaguest of ideas, and we have to use all of these media and channels to round them back up again to aggregate a market that is actually profitable for a business. And the way to do this is to think strategically about all the push, pull, participative, online and offline, channels..."

—from the Foreword

"Does a Plumber Need a Web Site?": Mad Dentists, Harried Haircutters, and Other Edgy Entrepreneurs Offer Promotion Strategies for Small and Mid-Size Businesses, by Dr. Joseph Webb and Richard Romano, discusses today's and tomorrow's practical strategies for marketing. The book explains why small businesses need to be more aggressive with its promotions thanks to the proliferation of new digital communications formats. “It's not as simple as the Yellow Pages and a church bulletin ad," the authors explain.

"Does a Plumber Need a Web Site?" has concrete examples of how multiple media channels can work together to reinforce brands and enhance the visibility of a business, especially a small one. The book carefully explains the steps that businesses can take to implement these new "marketing services," allowing businesses of all sizes to maximize their marketing and promotion efforts while minimizing their costs.

The centerpiece of the book is eight detailed and entertaining "case studies," a cross-section of hypothetical small and mid-size businesses and all the marketing strategies--print, non-print, old media, new media, social media, and even some cutting-edge media--they can employ to build their own businesses. Written from the perspective of 2015 to show how today's "new" media are likely to evolve in the next four years, these sample businesses run the gamut from:

The book looks at how all these companies would have marketed themselves 30 years ago, how they market themselves today, and how they likely will do so in 2015. None of the case studies are real, but the business situations and challenges they illustrate are faced by entrepreneurs every day.

"Does a Plumber Need a Web Site?", an entertaining and often funny walk through business media, is designed to stimulate ideas and provoke thoughts about how to engage customers and prospects. Whatever business you are in, this book will get you chuckling--and seriously thinking about new ways of promoting a business.

Your Authors

Dr. Joe Webb

Consultant, entrepreneur, and economics commentator Dr. Joe Webb started his career in the industrial imaging industry more than 30 years ago. He found his way into business research, planning, marketing and forecasting executive positions along the way, as well as consulting for firms ranging from large multinationals to small businesses. Dr. Webb started an Internet-based research business in 1995, selling it to a multinational publisher in 2000. Since that time, his consulting, speaking, and research projects have focused on the interaction of B2B economics and technology trends. He is a doctoral graduate in graphic communications management and technology from New York University, holds an MBA in management information systems from Iona College, with baccalaureate work in managerial sciences and marketing at Manhattan College. He has taught in graduate and undergraduate business programs in a number of Northeast US colleges, and currently resides in Rhode Island.

Richard Romano

Richard Romano (he as yet has no advanced degrees, but often runs a temperature) has been a professional writer for the graphic communications industry since 1994. From 1999 to 2008, he was a senior analyst for TrendWatch Graphic Arts (later The Industry Measure), and from 1995 to 2001, had been a writer and editor for Micro Publishing News as well as its then-sister publication Digital Imaging. Over the years he has also written for such magazines as Graphic Arts Monthly, GATFWorld, Printing News, HOW, and others. He is the co-author, with Dr. Webb, of Disrupting the Future, and was editorial director of Dr. Joe Webb’s Renewing the Printing Industry: Strategies and Action Items for Success. He currently contributes to WhatTheyThink.com as the managing editor of the Going Green blog, and is the author of several reports and other projects for Pira International, Library Journal, and other organizations and publications.

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"Does a Plumber Need a Web Site?" was the question someone asked Dr. Joe Webb, and thus launched an unconventional business book, written with "co-conspirator" Richard Romano, about a handful of interesting characters facing small business sales and marketing challenges. None of the case studies are real, but the business situations and challenges they illustrate are faced by entrepreneurs every day.

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